Even though I had done Brainspotting and EMDR in the past, I was still seeking some inner healing and peace and was drawn to everything I had read or listened to (podcasts) about Ayahuasca.

So I thought I would give Ayahuasca a shot IF and ONLY IF it was administered properly I’m small groups and I would be under the guidance of the right people.

After much thorough research (almost a year), I knew I wanted to avoid all of the big commercialized places who took in large groups (15-35 people)and only had 1-2 shamans working with that many participants (how scary is that?!).
I also realized there was a lot of people out there who truly were not trained in this sacred medicine, which could be dangerous. So this sent me on a path to find a retreat with true legit Shipibo shamans whom only took in small groups.
I also wanted a place where the shamans & facilitators would tune in to each individual to adjust the dosage needed for healing to take place without overdosing. (I just did not want to go to a cookie cutter place where everybody gets the same dosage because in reality no one person is alike in mental blockages & break-throughs).

I could not have found a more perfect retreat than Pandorita!
It was exactly what I was looking for. But not only that, they were very attuned to each person’s spiritual healing journey and allowed time for each one to process.

There is a lot of processing that takes place after the ceremony. At Pandorita, they have it perfectly set up to where you do two nights of ceremonies in a row and then have a day off to process everything before they repeat the cycle again. The processing is so necessary for the healing journey. They allowed time for sharing our healing with the shamans and facilitators and we could ask any questions to help us with the processing.

The facilitators were phenomenal! One of them, Gigi, met me at my heart & spirit. She is an absolute ray of sunshine!

While Ayahuasca took care of the healing journey of “mind and spirit,” the plant-based food helped nourish the healing journey of the “body.”

And it was fantastic FRESH plant-based food, I might add. I am not vegan; however, the food played a significant role in mental clarity, self-awareness, and worked cohesively with Ayahuasca by prepping the body for ceremonies.

The activities such as meditation, time for yoga, kayaking, hikes in the jungle, etc. all played significant roles in creating a beautiful healing tapestry within.

I would want only the best so with no doubt I would send my friends and family to Pandorita if they were ever interested in this type of medicine treatment for healing or clarity.