Disconnect to reconnect

Experience a transformative ayahuasca workshop led by shamans experienced in the mythical Shipibo tradition. Find a way back to nature and realize your personal potential in a paradisal environment.

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Your journey

In our workshops, we create a balance between working extensively with the teacher plant ayahuasca, space for internalizing what has been learned, a healthy and wholesome diet, as well as adventure and exercise.

2023 workshops

11-day power workshop including six Aya Shipibo ceremonies in a small group.

Starting from $2,500 per person, all inclusive.

Are you ready?

Taking care of our guests in a considerate, loving, and attentive fashion is the foundation of our work. We only work in small groups and will accompany you on your journey in a personal and individual way right from the start.

Welcome to Pandorita. This is a place for you to heal.

Our holistic healing center Espiritu Pandorita is located at the Piedras Blancas National Park in Costa Rica. This means Pandorita is situated within primary rain forest on the coast of the warm and peaceful Pacific Ocean. Amid towering trees as well as flowers, shrubs, and medicinal plants, we have found a truly paradisal spot of land.

Here, we have ideal conditions for working with the ayahuasca teacher plant. Secluded from civilization, you live alongside howling monkeys, coatis, aras, pumas, humpback whales, and dolphins every day.

Here, nature is immensely rich and holds more healing secrets than we can ever learn. In order to further this potential, which we might never be able to fully fathom, we work very closely with the Shipibo and submit to the guidance provided by the Shipibo shamans’ expertise and experience, which has been formed and passed on across many generations.

A new kind of healing

At Pandorita, we think of healing as a holistic process taking place within a human being on several levels. In our experience, hardly any affliction is purely physical, mental, or spiritual. Instead, these aspects contribute to an overall condition and have strong interactions among each other. Therefore, it’s often difficult to fully heal any of these aspects individually in a sustainable way. Healing must be a holistic process.

You’re safe here

Our guests’ physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing is our highest priority. The Pandorita team has decades of experience of working with ayahuasca and everything related to it. The goal we follow with the utmost devotion is to enable each guest to work on themselves in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment.

The compassionate shamans, with their wonderful chants, are simply there for you. You’re protected.



If you are looking for a safe retreat in stunning nature, run traditionally and most competent: Pandorita is the right gateway for you to do your work.



Ich fühlte mich glücklich, sicher und von jedem Mitglied des Teams gut umsorgt. Ich bin voller Dankbarkeit und Liebe, ich danke euch allen für die unvergessliche Erfahrung meines Lebens.



Never before have I experienced such light-hearted and playful ceremonies filled with friendliness, love, and instructive insights.



I researched many different Ayahuasca retreats and chose Pandorita because it offers authentic and traditional cermonies using only pure Ayahuasca.



I could not have found a more perfect retreat than Pandorita!
It was exactly what I was looking for. They were very attuned to each person’s spiritual healing journey and allowed time for each one to process.



I found in Pandorita a place that offered me the optimal conditions for my journey to myself. I was accompanied by the team warmly and competently.



Some quotes from people whose journeys we had the pleasure of sharing.