Rainy season in Costa Rica. Pandorita – an oasis to come to rest and get to know the elements of nature in a new way as well as a revelation of the forces of nature, nestled between the sea and lush green jungle.

Humpback whales greet you on your arrival and you are guaranteed dolphins almost every day.

Let your eyes wander into the distance and you will discover animal wonder again and again.Stop and observe. Be a part of it. Notice the melody of nature – healing vibrations that reprogram you through and through.

A thunderstorm there is an incredible natural spectacle. Lightning and thunder like you have never experienced before. So close!
Rain masses pelting nature to tickle everything that needs to be stimulated to grow. Purification and growth at the same time.And imagine, the hummingbirds are still tirelessly collecting nectar even then.

The mangroves immerse you in a world of deep primordial power. The inflow and outflow of the water, at low and high tide, let the trees stand there again and again in a different dress.

Bathing in the sea gives you the feeling of being in a lake in summer. The water is nice and warm and especially in the morning smooth as glass.
The visibility ranges from crystal clear to turbid, depending on how nature integrates the sediments into the sea after a rainfall.

The jungle is easily walkable thanks to the jungle trails. Every time you go out into the jungle, whether by day or by night, you get a new perspective.
Be it how you perceive the power of the trees or what animals you discover or what sounds you hear.

Animals are everywhere. They accompany you through the day and through the night.
Be grateful for every interaction, because it’s just for you in that moment – a gift.
Not only the roar of monkeys start the day beguilingly but also the fight over a coconut of the white-shouldered capuchin monkeys in the palm tree can get quite loud.

It is a wonderful bird paradise. I was intensively accompanied, especially by the falcons.

The falcon stands for the sun and at the same time for the moon as a powerful symbol of protection.He asks to seize opportunities by the head and to act quickly.
Impulsiveness, speed and cleverness in acting as well as keeping track of a situation are some attributes.A quick grasp is often also part of it. The Falcon is known for not staying long in one task and one place.
He seeks variety, loves adventure and of course his freedom, which is more important to him than anything else.
The falcon also stands for clarity for the personal spiritual path.THANKS LOVE FALCON for your gift!
The three weeks with 10 days of workshop did not just fly by.
Every day was memorable and we (my life partner and I) were allowed to discover many new things in this natural kingdom.
It is worth mentioning that I only attended the workshop, but it was wonderful to combine it with a vacation with my partner.

Pandorita – a place where you can leave everything behind, dive deep into yourself and rediscover new old talents, go with the rhythm of nature and just enjoy. PURA VIDA!

The work with the shamans and plant medicine was soaked with a lot of light and love.
I was allowed to celebrate life with the Inca energy in this place. A new yet familiar wonderful encounter with primal knowledge and trust.
The jungle and tree spirits were truly present and after the ceremonies everything was cleansed with a gentle rain.
Lightness and a new power inspired my being and was the start of a new orientation, which I was able to experience especially at home.

My facial expression and features refined significantly after a short time in the workshop.

The shamans with their wonderful chants are compassionate and simply there for you. You are protected.

Since we have been at home, everything is somehow even simpler, even clearer – a new lightness has moved in.
There have been changes not only on the inside – but also on the outside. Observations of family members and statements of third parties support this.We have adjusted our diet again, although we were already mainly plant-based. Mindfulness towards the body is very much more in the focus.
This ease has not only taken hold, but has become even more a philosophy of life.
THANK YOU MY BELOVED BODY – my best friend!

The attachment to this country is still enormously strong. Intense dreams make that clear.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it and still are.
Thank you to the elements!
Thank you for the good food!
Thank you for the hospitality!
Thank you for just being!
Thank you for this incredible journey!
Thank you for this place!

From my heart